Teanastellen!—(greeting; may health be given to you)

We are on day 4 here in Addis. Our morning was spent at ALERT clinic, specifically in the pediatric HIV and inpatient wing.  This is a government clinic, which means the care and medication is provided free for patients who meet certain financial requirements.  We shadowed two Ethiopian doctors as they did their rounds and met with patients for appointments. TB and HIV are very common health issues seen in this clinic.  Various health issues we saw today include pulmonary TB, meningitis, Bollous (skin disorder).  Every child that comes to the ALERT clinic has either been exposed or is positive for HIV; however, many parents chose not to disclose this information to their child, leaving them unaware of their status.

In Ethiopia, it is common for both mom and dad to be working in order to support their family. In this culture, children are the least valued members of the family so it was very special to see, in some cases, both parents at the bedside or in the appointments. Because of our limited knowledge of Amharic, we tried to interact with the children in other ways, which mostly consisted of Coryn dancing and making weird faces to get them to laugh while Megan played peek-a-boo with the crying children :)

Whenever we have free time, we are trying to learn more phrases in Amharic which is the 2nd or 3rd hardest language to learn.  I think we’re doing pretty good :)

We had a very “American” Friday night which consisted of watching the Vander Wal’s son, Matthew, play basketball at Bingham Academy and then headed back to the house for pizza!

These next two weeks are going to be filled with awesome opportunities…stay tuned!


Judi Jongekrijg
01/10/2014 4:01pm

So good to hear from you both! Love on Jim & Mary...so thankful for your parents (along with brother Matthew) :) Megan had to love the bball game tonight...just like past Friday nights...Coryn (maybe not so much you sports nut :) Continued prayers for both of you as you learn and love God's people in Addis! Saw Bob Goff today @ Calvin....he's even crazier in person...reminded me how you are doing what he encouraged us all to do...leak love to all you meet and stay at the feet of Jesus every day! Love and miss you both. Hugs to the VandeWals for them loving you both too! Skype Sunday!

Joni Dykstra
01/10/2014 11:44pm

Hi Megan, good to hear from you and see your face yesterday! Sounds like a wonderful experience so far. Your even learning a hard language. You go girl! Praying that those you come in contact will see and experience Jesus through you. Must be hard to see sick little children but I'm sure you girls can put a smile on their face. Love you!

01/11/2014 10:50am

Sounds awesome! I'm glad you are able to play with some kids - not that you like that or anything:) Tell Matthew Mrs. Van Oordt from school says hi! I pray that you continue to be healthy and that you can experience so much and share God's love with your smile and actions wherever you go.

Jenna Jongekrijg
01/11/2014 2:46pm

I am so happy to know you both arrived safe and are having a great time! I wish I was there to witness you playing with the kids! I will continue praying for your safety. Love you both! :)


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