Saturday afternoon we spent time with some of the boys from Kolfe orphanage. Our hearts were so full playing games with the boys and watching them recite memorized scripture. We also gave a short dental presentation*, which we think (hope) was received well! We are excited that we will be spending the day tomorrow with the boys again as we take a trip to the Portuguese Bridge!

Today, being Sunday, was our day of rest. We slept in and attended church with the Vander Wal’s. The service was in English (thank goodness) and it was a really unique opportunity to worship our Lord and partake in communion with brothers and sisters from all over the world.

This afternoon we played a game of soccer with some of the missionary kids that live on the compound; little did we know we would get into a battle with the field. It didn’t turn out so great for us: Soccer field 1, Coryn and Megan 0. We contemplated posting pictures of our battle scars, but we’ll spare you the gore. Other than that the day was very relaxing. It was a wonderful SONday :)

We will be staying in Addis this week visiting some different ministries before flying to Lalibela next weekend to celebrate Timket. We are absolutely loving our time here and ask that you continue to pray for God’s blessing and that we could be a small part of His work here in Ethiopia.

*Special Thanks to Drs. Borrowdale,
Kessel & Bouwens, and Zuidema & Hess for the donation of MANY toothbrushes and toothpastes :)

Celebrating one of the Kolfe boys' birthdays!
"Birthday cake" aka huge baked bread (yum!)
Reciting Bible verses
Students obviously engaged in our dental presentation ;)
Group shot with the Kolfe boys!

The Visser Family
01/12/2014 2:29pm

Sounds like a great experience for both of you! Praying for you both as you are the hands and feet of Jesus. It warmed my heart when you mentioned the VanderWal's We have heard how God is working in amazing ways through them! Tell them the Vissers from Allendale Christian say "hello" Blessings! Shelly, Jon, Seth and Grace

Judi Jongekrijg
01/12/2014 5:42pm

Megan & Coryn ~ So good to see your smiling faces today on skype! So blessed by the Vander Wals loving on you. Prayers for a good day tomorrow with all the 'boys' at the bridge. Grateful for your hearts and opportunity to learn and love.

Ruth jDykgraaf
01/12/2014 7:23pm

Hi Girls, It is so good of you to keep us updated as to what you're up to. It makes praying for you more personal. Sounds like you're having some unique experiences and I'm sure your hearts are full as you serve the Lord in Ethiopia. Praying you'll have a blessed week as you continue to meet the needs of the people there. Stay safe and God Bless each and every one of you. Sending my love.

Laura Mulder
01/13/2014 9:00pm

So wonderful to read your postings and to see how God is blessing you and the people of Ethiopia through your service to His people. So glad to hear that the gazillions of toothbrushes and toothpaste are being put to good use too! Continued blessings to you both!


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